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What religion does North Africa mainly practice?

The region of North Africa mainly practices Islam. Also, as a side note, Southern Africa (the region) mainly practices Christianity.   Here's a link to a picture from Wikip (MORE)

What is NOT a prominent religion in East Africa?

There are many religions that are not prominent in East Africa,  they include but are not limited to:    Druidism   Odinism   Jedi   Scientology   Past (MORE)

What religions are in North Africa?

Most people in the fourteen independent countries in North Africa are Muslim. The religion they believe in is called Islam. Muslims pray to their god Allah and his prophet Muh (MORE)

What are the three important religions in Africa?

Africa is home to many different religious traditions. All of the great world religious traditions are in Africa including Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. However, the vast ma (MORE)

Which religions are common in Africa?

Religion in Africa is multifaceted. Most Africans adhere to either Christianity or Islam. Christianity and Islam contest which is larger, but many people that are adherents o (MORE)

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