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What effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future of organized religion?

For many organized religious groups, it's not about helping people gain personal spiritual empowerment but blind and swift indoctrination and total dependency on THEIR way, of (MORE)
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What are plurals?

A plural is a noun or a pronoun for two or more people, places, or  things.   Some examples are:   an apple - two or more apples   a boy - two or more boys   (MORE)

What is the plural?

Plural is an English term for explaining more than 1. For example. Cat is singular Cats is plural. House is singular. Houses is plural.
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What are religious pluralism the interfaith movement and the responses to other faiths in todays religious world?

Religious pluralism--understanding and accepting that there is more than one religion. Interfaith movement--many religions work together on common goals such as social justi (MORE)
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What is the plural of 'was'?

The plural of 'was' is 'were' Example: I was here. We were here. Were is not really the plural of was. Were is the past tense plural form of be. Was is the past singular for (MORE)

Can its be plural?

No, the word  its is a singular pronoun, the possessive form of "it".   The plural form of the possessive pronoun "its" is theirs.   The plural form of the possessive (MORE)

What is plural for he she it?

The plural form for the singular, subjective he or she is they. The plural form for the singular, subjective it is they. The plural for the singular, objective it is them. An (MORE)

What is the plural for who?

The pronoun 'who' is used for the singular and the plural, as an interrogative pronoun and as a relative pronoun. Examples: Interrogative pronoun Who is your new math teache (MORE)
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What is the plural of his?

The plural form of the third person singular possessive  pronoun 'his' is theirs.   examples:   The ball is his.   The ball is theirs.    The plural form o (MORE)