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What is remediation?

Remediation is the act or process of correcting a problem (a fault  or deficiency).
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What is remedy for boils?

I have been getting boils for years. I have tried home remedies but they never worked! the only product that I have found that really works and I have not had any boils for 3 (MORE)
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What are remedies?

A "remedy" is something that is within the courts power to order, to compensate for damages of some type. For instance: If I sold you a car for 100 dollars, you paid me 10 t (MORE)

Remedies for stress?

Relax yourself at all at all times,Don't keep your problem in mind,Look around and you can see people have worst problems than you.Then you can say to yourself you are still (MORE)

Remedy for stings?

Offering the complete health guide to self healing insect bite, insect bite remedies, insect bite home remedy, homeremedy for insect bite.
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What is a remedy?

Remedies are awards given to the plaintiffs in a court proceeding.  Remedies can also be orders given by the judge.
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What is a remedial?

Something that will correct or improve a cause. It can be used for medicinal purposes, so therefore it would be a something that's a medicine.
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Is remedy a synonym?

Remedy is a word that has many synonyms, i.e., words ofsimilar meaning. And remedy is a synonym for each of those synonyms. A group of synonyms is like a group of friends (MORE)
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What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is a technique of massage, which concentrate onparticular muscles. If you have any muscle tension or chronic pain,then remedial massage is the perfect treatme (MORE)
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What is the remedy for stammering?

This really is a subject more suited to a speech therapist. But, briefly, stammering is usually a repetition of a phoneme, one of the building blocks of language. [The word (MORE)