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Why was Hippocrates remembered?

he didn't believe in superstitions like spirits or gods causing the illness because of that he changed the medicine world Another answer: He was the founder of the Hippocr (MORE)

How do elephants remember?

By their brains   Since animals don't have the ability to "reason" - they don't really "think". Nature just gave them instictual survival tools that we tend to describe in (MORE)

What can you do to remember your dreams?

Answer   new answer By having an intention to remember. Keep a pad and pencil or recorder by your bed and record your dream even before going to the bathroom. The message (MORE)
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How do you remember what 7x7 is?

Wakey wakey rise and shine, Seven times seven is forty nine! Is a good way of remembering what 7x7 is Thankyou hope my answer helped

How is Napoleon remembered?

He was a popular French general who had almost conquered Europe and  crowned himself Emperor   He also started the civil code that we had as human rights.   He is oft (MORE)
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What is the noun for remember?

The noun forms of the verb to "remember" are remberer, remembrance,  and the gerund, remembering.
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What is remembered at the Epiphany?

The Epiphany is a Christian holiday celebrated at the end of the  Christmas season, on January 6th. It celebrates the Magi seeing the  baby Jesus after travelling to meet hi (MORE)

How can you remember your homework?

At my school we are given "homework diaries" which may sound ridiculous but are actually pretty useful. You write the subject, work, due date, and there is space to record rem (MORE)