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Why was he remembered?

Dr. Seuss was remembered because he was famous for all of his rhyming picture books that had a lot of words on every page.

How was the Holocaust remembered?

every year, one week before Yom Ha'azmaut, Israel independence day, is Yom Hashoah, a day where we remember all the jews that died in the Holocost. It is a sad day and in Isra (MORE)

How is Napoleon remembered?

He was a popular French general who had almost conquered Europe andcrowned himself Emperor He also started the civil code that we had as human rights. He is often remembered a (MORE)

Why Einstein remember?

i remember him for being a great mathmetician, and for coming up with the atomic bomb...
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Why do you remember Napoleon?

As old as I am I don't personally remember the man. We never met. History remembers him as an intelligent and competent military leader, the creator of the Napoleonic Code, sh (MORE)

What rhymes with remembers?

2 syllables : embers , member's , members , members' 3 syllables : december's , nonmembers , november's , september's
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What is the movie 'remember me' about?

Remember Me is about a troubled young man (Robert Pattinson) who surprises himself by falling in love with a girl (Emilie de Ravin) who's dad (Chris Cooper) arrested him. They (MORE)
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Poem Summary of i remember i remember?

I think that that the lines "the roses are red and white and vilets and lily cups" are a throwback to the poem we all know "roses are red and violets are blue" which is overus (MORE)