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Why was he remembered?

Dr. Seuss was remembered because he was famous for all of his rhyming picture books that had a lot of words on every page.

How was the Holocaust remembered?

every year, one week before Yom Ha'azmaut, Israel independence day, is Yom Hashoah, a day where we remember all the jews that died in the Holocost. It is a sad day and in Isra (MORE)

How is Napoleon remembered?

He was a popular French general who had almost conquered Europe and  crowned himself Emperor   He also started the civil code that we had as human rights.   He is oft (MORE)

Why do you remember Napoleon?

As old as I am I don't personally remember the man. We never met. History remembers him as an intelligent and competent military leader, the creator of the Napoleonic Code, sh (MORE)
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Poem Summary of i remember i remember?

I think that that the lines "the roses are red and white and vilets and lily cups" are a throwback to the poem we all know "roses are red and violets are blue" which is overus (MORE)