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How do you remember what you study?

  I'm sorry if my answer seems a bit amateur, as I'm only a high school student (Though I have skipped 2 year levels and am an A+ 95%+ student). Well, I have been succes (MORE)

Why is Raphael remembered?

  Because most people find his paintings beautiful. His works correspond to the High Renaissance ideas of Beauty, Balance and Harmony.
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When is the Transfiguration remembered?

Roman Catholic Answer The feast of the Transfiguration is celebrated on August 6th each year. It is also in the Gospel of the second Sunday of Lent, if memory serves.
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How do you remember amendments?

1. Religion, Assembly, Speech, Press, Petition; the first thing you do is learn how to speak 2. Right to bear arms; bears have 2 arms 3. No quartering of troops unless ther (MORE)

Why was Ramses remembered?

Not only is he known as one of Egypt's greatest warriors, but also as a peace-maker and for the monuments he left behind all over Egypt. He was the first king in history to si (MORE)

What are the kinds of Remembering?

  I have still yet to see books formally categorizing kinds of remembering, however from many books we could find the following as kinds of remembering: 1) reintegration 2 (MORE)

How can you remember things?

Remembering ThingsI find what is most helpful in remembering things and this is anything, write yourself notes small ones. For very important days a day calendar is very good. (MORE)

Why do we remember lyrics?

  It has been proposed that people learn by repetition. Some people learn and remember faster than others. it would probably help to look up lyrics and look them through a (MORE)
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Is remember a noun?

No, the word 'remember' is a verb, meaning to  bring to mind or think of again:    remember, remembers, remembering, remembered     example: I remember this mov (MORE)