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Where was remember the titans filmed?

Although set in Virginia, Remember the Titans was shot in and around Atlanta, making use of Berry College in Rome, Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Henry Grady High School (MORE)

How does remember the titans relate to psychology?

It is related to psychology, due to the fact that many characteristics/issues in psychology is reflected upon in this movie. These include: Racial discrimination Social (MORE)

What is the exposition of Remember the Titans?

Remember the Titansexposition would definitely be stated at the part when Densel Washington character Coach Boone is appointed as the head coach of the football team in the fi (MORE)

What was remember the titans the movie about?

  It is back when their was racism real bad in the United States and the blacks had to go to school with the whites. It follows the football team of blacks and whites comb (MORE)