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How do you remove stickers from wooden furniture?

Goo Gone is some pretty good stuff i have used it and it worked. Sticker residue can be removed easily with cooking oil. Dab yourfinger in some oil and smear on residue and i ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove ink from wood furniture?

Hairspray works wonders on furniture. Just spray and use a cloth to rub. It is amazing!!!! I tried - it doesn't work I tryed when my little sister busted a pen and went all ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove furniture finish?

Answer . there are also some excellent citric based strippers out that you can use, I apply the stripper, let it work as per instructions and I use a plastic scrapper to re ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove veneer from furniture?

Use a heat gun and a putty knife chisel. Start by heating a small area, about 4" square, holding the heat gun 2-3" away from the surface, depending on the heat setting. The ex ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove sap from plastic furniture?

Most saps can be removed easily from plastic furniture using itemscommonly found in your home. WD-40 or spray cooking oil will do thetrick. Just spray on and wipe off.
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How do you remove hair dye from furniture?

with scissors? XDDDDD But seriously, you need to be more specific: what kind of matierial? For fabric upholstery, use fabric stain removers, but make sure to spot test a hi ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove scratches from oak furniture?

Answer: Usually, rubbing a walnut on the scratch usually gets ridof it. This is a cheap and reliable way to save money while gettingrid of the cracks.
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How to remove acrylic paint from furniture?

You can easily remove acrylic paint from furniture in these easy steps.. 1. Get some shaving cream or gel. 2. Applicate the cream or gel to the spot. 3. Take a paper towel or ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove french polish from furniture?

French polish is a solution of the shellac in methylated spirits ( denatured ethyl alcohol). This is applied first by brush usually and then many layers with a cloth and final ( Full Answer )