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What is the definition of rendezvous?

A Meeting place.. A secret place for couples.. Rendevous is a french term meaning 'to meet you'.. Slightly better translation: To present oneself.. \nRendez-vous is the or (MORE)

What is a synonym for rendezvous?

(noun 'get-together') - affair, appointment, assignation, blind date, date, double date, engagement, heavy date, matinee, meet, meeting, one night stand, tête-à-tête (MORE)

What is the plural of rendezvous?

The plural form of rendezvous is rendezvous, with the "s" pronounced (it is silent in the singular). In the French language from which the word originates, the plural form (MORE)

What was the rendezvous system?

Each summer traders ventured from St. Louis to a verdant Rocky Mountain valley, made camp, and waited for the trappers and Indians to arrive with beaver pelts to swap for manu (MORE)

What is the origin of 'rendezvous'?

In the 1590s, meaning "A place for assembling troops", this English word derives from the Middle French rendez-vous, the noun-usage of rendez vous, meaning "present (MORE)
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What did they do for a rendezvous?

They often worshiped their gods by dancing around a fire and playing various instruments. They also would eat lots of food and play games, such as throwing axes ect...