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How do you spell Rene?

That is the usual spelling of the male given name Rene. The spelling is also used as a female name, along with Renee and Irene.
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Where is Rene Descartes buried?

At Rene Descartes death, Sweden was primarily a Protestant country  so he was buried in the graveyard for unbaptized babies, although  he was a Catholic. Later, his remains (MORE)

Is there a Saint Renee?

There is no female "Saint Renee" as I interpret your question to be  asking about. However, there is a Saint Rene Goupil, a French  Jesuit brother who came to America in the (MORE)

What are Rene descartes beliefs about government?

Descartes' father was a member of Parliament of Brittany, and so  Rene visited many governments. He did however, espouse reason as  the basis for everything, focusing on wha (MORE)

Who is Renee Debarge?

Renee is the supposed child of Janet Jackson and ex Husband James DeBarge. Rumors were started by Darryl "Young" DeBarge on the radio in 2005. But Jackson denied those claims (MORE)

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Is renee of Renee and Angela deceased?

no, he is alive, Angela wimbush just did an episode on "Unsung" on TV One but Rene refused to be interviewed
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Did Rene Descartes have a wife and children?

Rene Descartes has not married but had an illegitimate daughter Francine who died at the young age of 5 due to a fever. He had decided take control for her education but 'pass (MORE)
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How did Rene Robert cavelier die?

Rene Robert Cavelier was on one of his last expeditions from Texas to Canada when 5 of hie men mutinied against him, shot him and left his body for the animals.
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What influenced Rene descartes?

Rene Descartes was influenced by Aristotelianism, Stoicism as well  as Saint Augustine of Hippo (also known as Saint Austin). Descartes  was also heavily influenced by a vis (MORE)

When did Rene descartes become famous?

Rene Descartes became famous in November 1628 during a trip to  Paris where he had a confrontation with Chandoux. Chandoux believed  that science was based on probabilities. (MORE)