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Is wind renewable or non-renewable?

Wind is renewable. Wind energy is renewable because it harnesses the earth's natural winds. Wind power does not consume anything to be produced. It is the same basic concept (MORE)

What are renewable and non-renewable resources?

Renewable resources are resources that can be replaced as fast as we use them. (sunlight, wind power, water, olive oil). Non-renewable resources are resources that cannot be (MORE)
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Is grain renewable or non renewable?

Grain is a renewable resource, you merely plant more. Trees are considered a renewable resource, as is leather. Any plantable commodity is a renewable resource as long as it i (MORE)

Is paper renewable or non renewable?

Paper is renewable if the trees it is made from are renewable, that  is, if they are logged in a sustainable fashion and new forests are  planted and looked after till matur (MORE)

Is oil renewable or non renewable?

Fossil fuel oil is non-renewable. Most of our oil is non renewable. If it is vegetable oil, of course, then it is renewable. There are ways to make "renewable" oil and die (MORE)

Is an alloy renewable or non-renewable?

Renewable refers to things like wind or sunshine, which keep on coming even if we use them to produce energy. Other things are classed as renewable if we can grow them as fast (MORE)

Why are renewable resources renewable?

Because they can easily be    replaced by being grown again, like corn,  used again, like water which comes back cleaned in the form of  rain,  continually and contin (MORE)