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Is limestone renewable or non-renewable?

I think it's not renewable because if we use all the limestone  in the world we wont have any left to know how to make it on our  own, but it may be renewable cause it is ma (MORE)

How do you renew renewable resources?

These resources are not renewed by mankind, they renew themselves on their own. To answer this question, it is helpful to have a definition of a renewable energy source: they (MORE)

Are anamals non-renewable or renewable?

Depending on what types of animals one is wanting to know about: For example: Domestic animals may seem to be a renewable resource as they easily reproduce. Farm animals have (MORE)

Examples of renewable and non renewable?

All fuel sources used by humankind are, technically speaking, renewable. Petroleum, or fossil fuels (so called because they are made of decayed bio-matter), are renewable but (MORE)