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Importance of Renfield in Dracula?

Renfield parallels with the wolf as Renfield feels the need to consume other lives in order to gain energy as a wolf does. Refield merely signifies a predator and as he escape (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Jon Renfield been in?

Jon Renfield has: Played 1st Boy in "CBS Schoolbreak Special" in 1984. Played Neal in "Crime Story" in 1986. Played Hunter in "Combat High" in 1986. Played Daryl Jolly in "Int (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Renfield Syndrome - 2010?

The cast of The Renfield Syndrome - 2010 includes: Colin Askey as The Philosopher Rob Carpenter as Coroner Rob Carpenter as Henry Krinkle Kacie Hart as Suzie Csilla Markus as (MORE)