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What is renji bankai name?

Souou Zabimaru Hihiou Zabimaru is the "bankai" Renji uses until chapter 564 in which it is revealed that Zabimaru told Renji only part of his true name when he first achieved (MORE)
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Why does urahara call renji a moocher?

well urahara was kidding just to see if he was sensitive, but a moocher means a person who takes service without any thought of repaying them. Obviously, renji doesn't really (MORE)

Does renji like rukia?

WELL YES RENJI AND RUKIA do have a relationship but its kind of like hes your friend but you love him in a different way at the end of the series renji and rukia kiss so yes s (MORE)

How old is Renji Abarai from bleach?

Okay so in "bleach years" he's older than 150 years, so people say he's supposed to be 15, but I really don't think he looks 15 or even 16, 17, or 18. I would say he is about (MORE)

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