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Does all cheese have rennin?

No, not all cheese contains rennin, an enzyme in rennet, the mucus lining of the stomach of a young cow. Rennet is a common cheese ingredient because of it's natural property (MORE)

Where is rennin found?

Rennin can be found in the fourth stomach of cows or othercud-chewing animals. Rennin is a protein digesting enzyme thatcurdles milk.
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Is rennin found in the pig?

No. The stomach of the bovine is the place you will find it, along with the stomach of infants, where it aids their digestion of mother's milk.
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What is the function of rennin in metabolism?

Rennin is a biological enzyme present in the stomach of infant mammals. It causes the milk to solidify which slows down the digestion of the milk. This is known as coagulation (MORE)

What is the function of rennin?

curds casein in the stomach Renin is an enzyme secreted by the kidneys (from specialized cells called the juxtaglomerular aparatus) whose function is to aid in the convers (MORE)
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What is the function of the rennin?

Rennin is found in kidneys. Rennin angiotensin system helps maintain blood pressure. There are some medication that targets that system to control blood pressure. Special targ (MORE)