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What sizes of pianos is there?

The most common piano size is the upright piano. That's the piano you may think of in old western movies where a guy goes to the saloon and there's a man playing piano. Howeve (MORE)

How do you repair a piano?

Pianos are extremely complex mechanisms. In fact, they are so complicated that they literally have thousands and thousands of parts. How to repair a piano cannot be answered w (MORE)

What type of piano is a console piano?

A console piano is one type of vertical piano. Console pianos range  in height from 40 to 44 inches. This is about the middle of height  range of vertical pianos. The spinet (MORE)

What is a mirror piano?

During WWII due to rationing, American manufacturers could not build new pianos. Even so, there was still a high demand for the instruments. Many re-builders/tuners took old u (MORE)

Why is the piano called the piano fortes?

When the piano was first created, it was called the "piano forte," which means, "soft loud." It was called this because it was essentially the first instrument of the time tha (MORE)

Why is the piano called the piano?

It was called a pianoforte earlier. "Piano" means "soft" and "forte" means "loud." Unlike the harpsichord--which always plays the same volume, and the organ--which requires pu (MORE)