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What is a reparations fund?

Simply put, a reparations fund is conscience money. The purpose of the fund is to offer money to victims of past injustices and thus salve the conscience.. A reparatioons fun (MORE)

What are reparation?

right then, this is going to take a while.i need to meditate to give away at least 2 clues to this mystery that scooby doo willl find you. i need to shout everytime i talk bec (MORE)

What is the meaning of self-reparenting?

Self-reparenting is commonly understood as a modified application of Eric Berne's psycho-analytically informed theory of Transactional Analysis (TA). TA suggests three ego sta (MORE)

What is reparations?

Payment for war damages or damages caused by imprisonment. . To pay someone back for a wrongdoing. . To make amends.
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What is Reparation payments?

World War I reparations' were the payments and transfersof property and equipment that Germany was forced to make under the Treaty of Versailles followingits defeat during (MORE)