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What is a reparations fund?

Simply put, a reparations fund is conscience money. The purpose of the fund is to offer money to victims of past injustices and thus salve the conscience.. A reparatioons fun ( Full Answer )
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How did German reparations affect France?

When Germany failed to pay their reparation payments in 1923,France occupied the Ruhr. This caused an international crisis and anew payment plan, called the Dawes Plan, was im ( Full Answer )
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What is the equation for reparation?

Reparation is known as the repairing of something. Often, thisrefers to relationships. It is when someone makes right what theydid wrong to offend of upset someone.
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What are reparation?

right then, this is going to take a while.i need to meditate to give away at least 2 clues to this mystery that scooby doo willl find you. i need to shout everytime i talk bec ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of self-reparenting?

Self-reparenting is commonly understood as a modified application of Eric Berne's psycho-analytically informed theory of Transactional Analysis (TA). TA suggests three ego sta ( Full Answer )
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What is reparations?

Payment for war damages or damages caused by imprisonment. . To pay someone back for a wrongdoing. . To make amends.
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What does reparations mean?

The making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money toor otherwise helping those who have been wronged!
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How do you use the word reparations in a sentence?

An example of the word "reparations" in a sentence: "After, the collision, the man had to make reparations for the damages he inflicted on the other party's car."
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What is Reparation payments?

World War I reparations' were the payments and transfersof property and equipment that Germany was forced to make under the Treaty of Versailles followingits defeat during ( Full Answer )