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What is capital repayment plan?

Capital repayment refers to paying down the principle amount of theloan to reduce the interest amount paid and reduce the overallpayments. This system is used in business or p (MORE)

What happens if you defult on repayments?

Let's assume this question is regarding repayments under Bankruptcy. If you donot make your payments to the Trustee in a timely manner you case the trustee will put in a motio (MORE)

Chapter 13 repayment amount?

There are three tests used to calculate a monthy Chapter 13 plan payment: 1. Current income less expenses -- In Schedules I and J, a debtor's current income and expenses ar (MORE)

Does the repayment of debt destroy money?

Yes, in the sense that money is usually taken from the economy to repay a loan. The accounting entries at the bank show the loan to the debtor being reduced (asset), and the l (MORE)

What is a loan repayment plan?

Whenever you take out a loan, you are borrowing someone else's money. Whatever you borrow, you are expected to pay back. A repayment plan is a plan about how much you will pay (MORE)