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How do you repel raccoons?

You can also use physical means to repel raccoons. The easiest waymay be to close off any avenues for them to access your attic,garage or other storage space. If they have mad (MORE)
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What is the definition of repellant?

Repellant . Main Entry 1re·pel·lent Variant(s) also re·pel·lant \ri-?pe-l?nt\ Function adjective Etymology Latin repellent-, repellens, present pa (MORE)
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How do you repel bats?

I'm assuming that the bats are in a home or other undesirable location. The only EPA approved way to repel bats is with naphthalene (moth balls or crystals.) It will drive the (MORE)
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What is max repel?

Max Repel is a potion that prevents Pokemon that are LOWER level then you. Meaning that if u have a lvl 40 Pokemon and u use max repel. it will only keep level 2-39 Pokemon aw (MORE)
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How can you repel mosquitoes without repellent?

Ornamental ponds tend to become mosquito breeding grounds. You can keep the mosquito larvae population under control by stocking the pond with bright, exotic fish or with less (MORE)
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What poles repel?

Like poles repel each other. Example: South pole + South Pole North Pole + North Pole
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Do mosquito repellents actually repel?

No, mosquito repellents do not repel. They instead block the mosquito's sensors so they are not aware that you are there, the repellent basically hides you from the insect.
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What repels demons?

Secular answer Demons are a part of almost every religion in the world. It seemsthat religion needs demons as much as demons need religion. Atheism repels demons. When you no (MORE)
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How do you repel a vampire?

hahaha really now are you afraid of us? if you never want to be bit lace your water or your popular drink with vervain and keep vervain on you at all times unless you carry a (MORE)