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Why is the New Testament repetitive?

What is most repetitive about the New Testament is the fact that there are four gospels, each telling somewhat the same story about Jesus of Nazareth. Matthew and Luke are kno (MORE)

How is repetition effective?

Repetition is effective because it allows an author to emphasis on words or ideas. Emphasis also adds rhythm to a piece, especially a poem. Repetition can also create a sense (MORE)

Paragraph development by repetition?

Repetition is one way to develop a paragraph to make the writing  easy to understand and helps the reader to keep the central idea in  mind. This is done by repeating key wo (MORE)

How do you avoid repetition in writing?

Not so easy. The main reason for repetition is not having a vocabulary big enough to give you the options. A thesaurus is a very useful aid, as is planning. And read. Read l (MORE)
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What is repetitive DNA?

A poly A tail ( adenine ) on messenger RNA could be an example of this phenomenon. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Transponsons could be another example of repetitive DNA.
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