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How do you replace the battery?

Answer . I have a 93 SC2 DOHC. The battery is on the right side behind the fuse box. You need a metric set to undo the 3 screws. Theres one that attaches to the body, on (MORE)

Can you have a pelvis replacement such as a hip replacement?

No. A lot of people are confused by the term "hip replacement", since the term hip and the term pelvis often refer to the same structure. However, a "hip replacement" only inv (MORE)

What is a replacement?

A replacement is something that is something that is taking the place of something that is missing, or absent. Example: In the pancake recipe, if you didn't have any milk, you (MORE)
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What replaced the bow and arrow and when was it replaced?

Ultimately, the bow and arrow fell to the ever-growing arsenal of gunpowder weapons, but the transition was slow. For a long time, gunpowder weapons remained unreliable and in (MORE)

What did photography replace?

Photography replaced paintings, in old times in a battles somebody would scetch it roughly then go back to a studio and paint or draw it neatly, nowadays people simple take ph (MORE)

Does apple replace your replacement iPad?

iPads replaced under the Apple warranty have a warranty that is good for the remainder of the original's. They will choose to repair or replace it at their discretion. If they (MORE)