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Who replaces the president?

First the Vice President, then the Speaker of the House, then the President pro tempore of the Senate, then the Secretary of State, then the Secretary of the Treasury, then th (MORE)

Can your heart be replaced?

  Yes, it is possible to have a heart form another (dead person who has donated it for this use after death) person transplanted into you. The person giving you the heart (MORE)

When not to have a knee replacement?

Here are the criteria for when you should have a knee replacement 1) The pain in your knee is affecting your normal daily activities eg walking, stairs etc 2) Your knee pain (MORE)

Who replaced Judas?

  The Bible says that Matthew replaced Judas by drawing of lot.   But other narration in the Bible suggests that Judas is still alive after the ressurection;   1 Cor (MORE)

What does a supercharger replace?

Most of the time a supercharger is not replacing anything. You are just adding on extra parts, like a fuel pump, larger fuel injectors, brackets, etc. However with roots or (MORE)
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What replaced slavery and why?

Sharecropping because African Americans were still dependent on the white farmers, now they were just economically dependent. It was also cheap labor and often, the freedmen w (MORE)

Can you replace a carburetor?

Yes, carburetors can either be replaces with a new one, or rebuilt. However, in most cases, people will choose to replace the old damaged, or broken, carburetor with a new one (MORE)

How do you replace an engine?

Without knowing the vehicle or engine in question, the general answer is that you disconnect and remove one engine and reinstall another in its place. All wiring and hoses whi (MORE)

What is meal replacement?

a meal replacement is a type of low calorie high protein food suppliment that replaces regular 5 food group (meat, veggies,fruit, milk and grain) and other meals with a shake, (MORE)

Can the liver be replaced?

Transplanted, yes. Replaced artificially, no. The unique functions of the liver require that the human body has one that is functioning. This is why livers, or parts of live (MORE)