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What does replenished mean?

      To refill or re-energize     "We were almost out of food until the red cross replenished our supplies"     "after working a 14 long days, Larr (MORE)

How are aquifers replenished?

An aquifer is an underground stream. It gathers water from  rainstorms, snowstorms, and water discharged from homes and farms.
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How is groundwater replenished?

  The collection of groundwater is a fundamental part of the water cycle. The water falls from the sky in the form of rain or snow and runs through the water systems to ga (MORE)
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What does fermentation replenish?

Answer: NAD+. Glycolysis requires a constant supplies of NAD+,  which is used to produce NADH. In oxidative phosphorylation, the  electron transfer chain will reduce the NAD (MORE)

How can the ozone be replenished?

Ozone layer can be replenished by avoiding the use of CFCs. In theabsence of these chemicals, the ozone layer will replenish itself.
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