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What is the Replenish law?

replenish OR repLEVIN law? Replevin means the court orders you to give up property that's not yours that you cant/wont pay for.
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What does replenished mean?

\n. \n. \nTo refill or re-energize\n. \n"We were almost out of food until the red cross replenished our supplies"\n. \n"after working a 14 long days, Larry took a week of ( Full Answer )
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How are aquifers replenished?

An aquifer is an underground stream. It gathers water fromrainstorms, snowstorms, and water discharged from homes and farms.
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What is replenishable?

after a supply of anything is exhausted, refilling it to its prior level would be considered replenishment. if you are asking about a specific thing you must state that.
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How is groundwater replenished?

The collection of groundwater is a fundamental part of the water cycle . The water falls from the sky in the form of rain or snow and runs through the water systems to gather ( Full Answer )
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What does fermentation replenish?

Answer: NAD+. Glycolysis requires a constant supplies of NAD+,which is used to produce NADH. In oxidative phosphorylation, theelectron transfer chain will reduce the NADH to N ( Full Answer )
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What is a Replenish phone?

basically its just an eco friendly phone, made with eco friendly materials, maybe recycled, too.
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How can the ozone be replenished?

Ozone layer can be replenished by avoiding the use of CFCs. In theabsence of these chemicals, the ozone layer will replenish itself.
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Is replenish an adverb?

Replenish is not an adverb. It's a verb. A verb is a word that shows an action or state of being, or occurrence. An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective, or anothe ( Full Answer )
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What antonym for replenish?

Oh ... oh my gosh, I can't believe it. Someone asked for an antonymfor a word that actually has an antonym; do you have anyidea how rare that is? The antonym for replenis ( Full Answer )