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What is document repository?

Answer . A place where you store your documents. However, this may have special meaning within certain contexts/applications.
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What is database repository?

A repository is a collection of all data definition, data relationships and report formats, i,e; meta data of a database.
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What is repository in DBMS?

Repository consists of database tables that store metadata which by default consists of 247 objects(183 tables and 64 views). It saves the mapping information and notations.
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What is an antonym for repository?

I think a withdrawal place... because repository means a storage house or depot (deposit) so I thought of withdrawal. Repository: noun a place or container where somethin (MORE)
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Why called a library repository?

It is a general word for where things are stored, such as a library, a museum, even a place containing relics of the dead
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What is a repository therapist?

Respiratory Therapist is a medical expert involved in the treatment and assessment of breathing disorders and chronic lung problems such as asthma and COPD.
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Antonyms of repository?

A repository is a receptacle - a place where things are stored - whether that be a storeroom or a human being (with information) and as such there is no antonym.
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What is scm repository?

SCM repository systems are based on a simple idea: the definitive copies of your files are kept in a central repository. People check out copies of files from the repository, (MORE)
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What is the repository system?

The respiratory system is the bodily system that allows us to breathe. The respiratory system is so interlocked with the circulatory system that the two are often referred to (MORE)
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What is a repository used for?

A repository is a location for storage of valuable goods, usually for the safety or preservation of important items that you would not want to be damaged or stolen.