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What do representatives do?

represenatives are elected by the people of your state to represenate your state in the the government
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What are Representatives?

For every 300,000 people within a state, said state gains a representative. There are 400 total throughout the United States at all times. The number of Representatives per (MORE)
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Who do you represent as I?

The pronoun "I" represents the person speaking. The pronoun "I" is the first person, singular, subjective, personalpronoun; a word that takes the place of a noun for the speak (MORE)
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Who is representative of the House of Representatives for Arizona?

There are 8 districts of Arizona and 8 representatives: . 1st - Ann Kirkpatrick (D) . 2nd - Trent Franks (R) . 3rd - John B. Shadegg (R) . 4th - Ed Pastor (D) . 5th - (MORE)
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Who is eligible as a representative in the House of Representatives?

Person who satisfies the following is eligible as a representative He/She must: (1) be at least twenty-five years old; (2) have been a citizen of the United States for the p (MORE)
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What does represent?

zero, nothing, a gap, space, separation, awkward silence, the middle of the alphabet, nothing to say, nothingness, paper, space to write, something unknown, secret, .......... (MORE)
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What is represing?

Repressing is the process of pushing a thought or experience back into one's mind. This makes it a distant or forgotten memory which may later surface through outside actions. (MORE)
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What are our representatives and what do they do?

Our representatives are people who represent us in some senior orofficial capacity charged with the task of making known ouropinions, wishes, desires, and needs.