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Contents of management representation letter?

The letter itself, including the written representations, should be addressed to the auditor. Because the auditor is concerned with events occurring through the date of his or (MORE)
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What is the representation of data?

(computer science) The way that the physical properties of a medium are used to represent data. The manner in which data is expressed symbolically by binary digits in a comput (MORE)

What is a representment?

  Representments - A chargeback that is rejected and returned to the card issuer by a merchant's bank on the merchant's behalf. A chargeback may be represented, or redepos (MORE)

What is zealous representation?

Zealous representation is what a lawyer must provide a client pursuant to virtually every state's rules of ethics and professional conduct. Generally it means to represent a c (MORE)

What is graphical representation?

The pictorial representation and manipulation of data, In other words an image that is generated by a computer called graphics.A creative process that combines art and technol (MORE)