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What is representational art?

Representational art consists of pictures that depict some recognizable thing or scene. It includes portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. It is includes both realist art, wh (MORE)

What is a representment?

  Representments - A chargeback that is rejected and returned to the card issuer by a merchant's bank on the merchant's behalf. A chargeback may be represented, or redepos (MORE)

How can you write a request letter for exclusive representation?

If a person is looking for exclusive representation, they should  write a letter to an attorney of their choice. The letter should  include why they need exclusive represent (MORE)

What is zealous representation?

Zealous representation is what a lawyer must provide a client pursuant to virtually every state's rules of ethics and professional conduct. Generally it means to represent a c (MORE)

What is graphical representation?

The pictorial representation and manipulation of data, In other words an image that is generated by a computer called graphics.A creative process that combines art and technol (MORE)

What are representational animals?

  well boys and girls. i would say a donkey, a zebra, and a lama with a pink starburst in his mouth =]
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What is grant of representation?

When someone dies, the Probate Court issues a legal document to the Executor or Administrator to give them authority to dispose of the estate. The court issues Letters Testame (MORE)

What was the representation compromise?

The Representation Compromise gave both large states and small  states the type of representation they asked for. This was done by  changing the representation standards in (MORE)