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What is repressed memory?

A repressed memory is something your mind is blocking because it is too painful. Some doubt whether this is possible because of all the false recovered memories. The SRA (S (MORE)

What is repression?

  Repression is the psychological act of excluding desires and impulses from one's consciousness and holding or subduing them in the unconscious.

Example of repression?

an example of repression could be something like a child who was abused will not remember this and then they rediscover it in adulthood
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Repression is the process?

Repression is the process of excluding one's desires from consciousness, and holding it in the unconscious.
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How do you repress cocaine?

This is from knowledge from my friend who did 6 years in prison* You will need acetone, and some how to press it, the easiest way is to put it in like 10 bags, add acetone, ro (MORE)

What is a repressed country?

in the 1770's a group of imposting colonists and a group of british people tricked the colonies by staging a war, the colonists did not know this was a fake war and thats what (MORE)