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How do seahorses reproduce?

How do seahorses reproduce? Sea horse males do not become pregnat, the female seahorse produces eggs and then passes them to the male, who holds them in a pouch on his belly. (MORE)

How does an octopus reproduce?

  The male uses a special arm to place sperm in the female, she then lays fertilized eggs in the top of her den and she aerates and guards (and cleans) them until they hat (MORE)

How do faeries reproduce?

Faeries reproduce sexually.   They lay eggs (all flying creatures do). These are always very well hidden and are rarely seen. The young are nurtured for a day and a half un (MORE)

How do crocodiles reproduce?

No, crocodiles have nests of eggs called clutches. Some crocodiles will dig from 10 to 30 feet into a creek bank to create a protected burrow for their nests. They create a hi (MORE)
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How do planaria reproduce?

they can reproduce either sexually or asexually: Asexually: anchors itself then detaches its tail which makes another planaria Sexually: it has both eggs and sperm; the egg ge (MORE)
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How is sound reproduced?

Sound is actually a series of sound waves or vibrations. These waves pulse against the eardrum, which the bones to the ear send to the brain as sounds. Acoustics in audio equi (MORE)
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How do you reproduce hydrangeas?

Reproducing hydrangeas is fairly easy: you definitely don't need to be a professional gardener to reproduce hydrangeas. Best way to reproduce hydrangeas is from cuts. Remembe (MORE)