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How do you reproduce?

To reproduce: - Put the original picture or text into a copying machine. - Examine the original statue or painting and make as good a copy as you can. - Pollinate a flower (MORE)

How does snail reproduce?

How do snails reproduce?Snails will be able to reproduce differently than almost any other type of creature because of their species and their make-up. This begins with the bu (MORE)

How do seashore reproduce?

The male and female with court for several days. The female willeventually transfer her eggs into the males pouch, where they willgrow for 45 days.

How do amphibians reproduce?

they reproduce externally and internally They lay eggs in water. Amphibians, like fish, lay eggs in the water. by laying eggs They lay eggs. All amphibians reproduce by laying (MORE)
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How do heartworms reproduce?

In graduate school I conducted research on heartworm disease and as a veterinarian I deal with it frequently, so I can provide a detailed response to this question. There a (MORE)
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Why do you reproduce?

To make sure that the continue of its kind exist We as humans like to reproduce for the following reasons: 1. It may be fun 2. To pouplate the human race 3. Becoming a moth (MORE)

Can vampires reproduce?

Yes, ever since ancient times it has been known that a male vampire can impregnate a human woman. The child is known as a Dhampir. These children have all the powers of a vamp (MORE)
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How do puffballs reproduce?

The Puffball Fungus reproduces by tiny little cells called spores. While the spores are maturing they are opening

How do plants that do not reproduce from seed reproduce?

Reproduce by spores like mushrooms and ferns. Repoduce by suckers or shoots like banana and pineapple. Reproduce from stem cuttings like rose and sugar cane. Reproduc (MORE)
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What is reproducing?

Reproducing can mean to make a copy of something or to re-createsomething such as an image. Reproducing also refers to generatingoffspring.