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What is the difference between a Humanoid and an Android?

A humanoid is referrd to any being whose physical stucture that  resembles a human (e.g. standing on an upright postures, one head,  two arms, torso, and two legs) and An an (MORE)

What are reptilians?

Reptiles or reptilians are animals which are "cold-blooded" and  have scaly skin. They are not able to regulate their body  temperature internally, and must warm up by sitti (MORE)

Are there reptilian people?

No, there are not. References to a person being "reptilian-like" is  a metaphor or simile that compares some characteristic seen in one  person to that of a reptile.
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What is the difference between a humanoid and a human?

a regular human is like you and i...A humanoid is similar to humans only their skin in slightly lighter and their eyes are a touch bigger....the alien peoples have tried to ma (MORE)
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How does reptilian humanoid look like?

Reptilian humanoids are large, like 7 feet tall and are green and scaly. The problem is that they are shapshifters so they can really turn into anything they want. Some peopl (MORE)