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What is a Banana republic?

A "banana republic" is a derogatory term for any badly-run, corrupt, poor country typically in the Caribbean or Latin America. Usually such a state would be a republic with a (MORE)

What is a republic?

A republic is a country which is not run by an hereditary head of  state. That is, it is not run by a king or any other sort of  monarch who inherited the job from his or he (MORE)

What do you mean by republic?

A republic is a government where the people have elected or nominated a president. The people as well as the president have power together.
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What is a constitutional republic?

A constitutional republic is a state where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people, and must govern according to existing constituti (MORE)
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What is the republic of Denmark?

  denmark is not a republic (yet) denmark has a royal family but they dont have any actual power. theyre just leeching of the states fundings.
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Was the Roman Republic the first republic?

Rome was probably the first recorded republic in the sense of government by elected representatives, which is what republic means. Ancient Greece had the most well known democ (MORE)

What is an independent republic?

An independent republic is a republic that has its own laws, taxation, social systems, ect. In other words, it is a republic that has sovereignty over itself. A good way to de (MORE)