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What is the Pyrenees republic?

The Pyrenees are a European mountain range. France is a republic, in which the northern portion of the Pyrenees are located. Spain, where their southern portion is located, is (MORE)

What is a republic?

A republic is a country which is not run by an hereditary head of  state. That is, it is not run by a king or any other sort of  monarch who inherited the job from his or he (MORE)

Is there a Republic of Thailand?

There is no Republic of Thailand.    Thailand is a kingdom - an absolute monarchy - Thailand is  not a democracy. Its head of state is King Bhumibol (Rama  IX). No Th (MORE)
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What is an Aristocratic republic?

An aristocratic republic is a form of representative government in  which the nobility(aristocracy) lead, they aren't  necessarily be the most skilled or intelligent people (MORE)
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What is a centralized republic?

a centalized republic is where the people help make the desisions and have a say in what goes on in there community

Was the Roman Republic the first republic?

Rome was probably the first recorded republic in the sense of government by elected representatives, which is what republic means. Ancient Greece had the most well known democ (MORE)

What is sovereign republic?

A sovereign republic is a nation that is separate politically from  all others. It is responsible for all of the needs of the people  that live within its borders. A republi (MORE)