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Who is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland?

Ireland does not have a Prime Minister. The head of an Irish  government is called a Taoiseach, pronounced "Tee-shock". At the  current time, March 2014, Enda Kenny is the T (MORE)
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How is the Republic of Ireland different from Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. The "Republic of Ireland", which is constitutionally and officially called simply "Ireland", is an indepen (MORE)
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Why is Ireland southern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

The term "Southern Ireland" is an informal term used for the Republic of Ireland, to distinguish it from "Northern Ireland". It is not an official name or geographically corre (MORE)

How is Northern Ireland different from the Republic of Ireland?

There many differences between Northern Ireland and the republic that includes: Separate governments Different police forces (The Police service of Northern Ireland & (Gar (MORE)
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Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland?

You will find the proclamation below:     POBLACHT NA H ÉIREANN ___________________________ THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE IRISH REPUBLIC TO THE PEOPLE OF (MORE)