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Where is the spice in Star Wars knights of the old republic 1?

The spice is in the cargo hold of the Ebon Hawk. If you walk past the crates, in the middle on a column should be a "secret compartment" labeled just like that. Click it, and (MORE)

What hemisphere is Macedonia in?

Macedonia, ancient home to the famous Alexander the Great andthe modern province is located on the northern Greek peninsula ofGreece which is positioned in both the northern a (MORE)

Where is Macedonia?

Historical Macedonia was an ancient Greek kingdom in the northernGreek peninsula that is today a modern province in the northernGreek peninsula of the Hellenic (Greek) Republi (MORE)

Where is Macedonia located?

Macedonia (in Greek: Μακεδονία Makedonίa ) is a the second most populous and the biggest in size region of Greece. It is located in north Greec (MORE)

What was Philip of Macedonia?

Philip II of Macedonia was a Greek king of the ancient Greekkingdom of Macedonia in northern Greece and the father of Alexanderthe Great.
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Why does the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia want to be the Republic of Macedonia?

"For many reasons. Citizens of this country feel as realdescendants of the ancient Macedonian kingdom's population , theyshould keep their name The current population of this (MORE)

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