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I need a metaphor sentence for repugnance?

The boy was so happy about his "A+" on the test, he'd almost forgotten the teacher failed him for giving out answers. lol Repugnance is like, contradiction, or inconsistancy. (MORE)
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What is the repugnant conclusion?

The repugnant conclusion is a paradox that identifies inconsistencyin the beliefs of relative value of a population. This is a conceptthat was introduced by Derek Parfit.
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How do you use the word repugnant in a sentence?

Athough she was scared about being a teenaged mom, she found abortion to be a very repugnant idea. He considered welfare a repugnant social concept that could only discourage (MORE)
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What is a sentence for repugnant?

The repugnant smell of death was rampant in the overrun rampart. Some people fing pug dogs to be repugnant.
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What is the noun form of repugnant?

The noun form of the adjective repugnant is repugnance . For example, a person may be averse to something which fills them with repugnance.