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Why do companies report a gain or loss when they repurchase their bonds?

 Companies report a gain or loss when they repurchase their bonds  because the book value may more/less than the amount that is used  to repurchase (retire) a bond.   T (MORE)
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How long must one wait after selling a stock before one can repurchase again?

It's an important strategy for saving income taxes. You sell the stock at the end of the year to take the loss and buy back because you believe in the stock for the long term. (MORE)

Does a repurchase agreement attract tax?

Answer   What? A very muddled question or ideas on what is taxable.    The tax if any is due upon each part of th transaction...not dependent on a condition su (MORE)

Difference between repurchase agreement and federal fund?

-Repo market is closely related to market for borrowing and lending reserves owned by banks-Federal Funds Market•Both markets are sources of overnight funds•Both markets s (MORE)