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What is letter of request?

A Letter Rogatory or Letter of Request is a formal request from a court to a foreign court for some type of judicial assistance. The most common remedies sought by Lette (MORE)

Do you say requested the or requested to the?

My first inclination is to say "requested that" and "requested that the". Phrases like "requested the" and (but only in certain circumstances) "requested of the" are general (MORE)

Will iTunes answer your request when you request a song?

i have been requesting a particular song on itunes (on a regular basis) for almost 2 years. i have never received and email back from them, despite me contacting them many, ma (MORE)

What is a synonym for request?

1. (noun) request, petition, postulation a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority Synonyms: prayer, request, orison, predication, asking, (MORE)

What is persuasive request?

PERSUASIVE REQUESTS . That Require Time or personal Contribution. . Requests About Products or Services. . Requests For Claims and Adjustments. . Requests For Change (MORE)

How do you request on Facebook?

yes, my face book account name is mgluuway. i want to news post on my fb that i go to website one and i saw fb share link on click ...then appear security check (MORE)

How do you spell requester?

The normal spelling of the word is as shown "requester" (one who requests). Most dictionaries do not include the alternate spelling requestor .
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When to use requests or request?

Member was satisfied with the complaint being filed and request a follow up call with the decision.

What is a Prayer Request?

A Prayer Request is when someone asks for a prayer from others.This could be going to friends, a post on Facebook, or online at aprayer request site like GODPleaseHearMe.
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What is requests in Deviantart?

Requests are things people want you to draw or photograph, ect. lets say i want you to draw a panda. i will comment asking you to draw a panda. that is a request. you can say (MORE)