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What is research?

Research is defined as human activity based on intellectual application in the investigation of matter. The primary aim for applied research is discovering, interpreting, and (MORE)

How do you research?

to research you first have to think. What are your sources? You can research by the internet, books and even ask your parents. When researching ask your basic questions: who w (MORE)

Why do you do research?

To develop something new. Also research, allows you to gain appreciation for the practical applications of knowledge that you learn. It's also an excellent preparation tool fo (MORE)

Why do research?

The purpose of research is to create new knowledge. According to the information given the research methodology books research can be to- 1. Create somthing new. 2. Get a de (MORE)

What is a researcher?

A researcher is someone who works in a specific field that tries and discovers new things or reviews journal articles. (In chemistry it is someone working on a project testing (MORE)

What is ME by research?

It is an external research program leading to the master of engineering qualification. Candidate first contacts a university approved guide and proposes his research topic, th (MORE)

What is research and what are the types of research?

In terms of business research, from an initial discovery perspective its best to start with a search of syndicated research services, eg. Govt sources has the widest range. (MORE)

What is researchability?

It's the question of whether it is possible to do research on a particular subject. Some questions are too ill-defined or based on information which cannot be verified objecti (MORE)

What are business research and market research?

Business Research is primarily to understand the business goals andkey performance indicators, i.e. how the particular industry orbusiness is performing and shaping up. Marke (MORE)