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Is it illegal to resell a mattress in Calif?

According to the state of California's Department of consumer affairs, used mattresses must be sanitized. Business and Professions Code Section 19080 requires a label be on an (MORE)

Who owns Reseller Ratings? owns according to one source.  Resellerratings has a bunch of "reviews" by people who only post  once for one company and never again

Do you need to pay sales tax if you resell a car you just bought from a dealer?

In almost every situation when a car or other TITLED objected transfers owners where a 'transaction' has been made, there is a sales tax to be paid by the purchaser in most ca (MORE)

What is the definition of a reseller program?

  Reseller hosting could be a style of web hosting whereby the  account owner has the power to use his or her assigned disk drive  area and information measure to host w (MORE)