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Which line has all reserved words in C plus plus?

No line can ever contain every reserved word. For one thing, preprocessor directives and labels must appear on separate lines. Excluding these, any code segment can be written (MORE)

What is static routing?

  Static routing means that data from one point to another will always follow the same path, regardless of other considerations.   The benefit of static routing is cont (MORE)

What is static in java?

When we want that a class member should be used independently of any object of that class, we have to precede that member's declaration with the keyword static .   When (MORE)

What are static capacitors?

These are capacitors that are connected in a circuit in parallel with the load. A circuit with low, lagging (inductive) power factor (pf) can be improved by those static capac (MORE)

What is static eletricity?

Static electricity is a build up of electric charge on a surface that cannot conduct it.
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What is a static converter?

A static converter allows a single phase supply to operate a three phase motor. Basically it converts the single phase supply into enough energy to power the three phase motor (MORE)

What is static electricity?

Electricity which are generated due to unbalance in charges in a  matter . Charges so created are static and they will not move .  Although they are static they will exert f (MORE)

What are ladies seats How many seats reserved for ladies Who are eligible for ladies seat in DTC or Blue line buses in Delhi?

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) & privately plying Blue Line buses in Delhi have several seats marked 'ladies seat', meaning, reserved especially for its women commuters. I (MORE)

What are reserves?

A bank is required to reserve a certain amount of money in order to make loans or succeed as a bank. For instance, the Fed sets a required reserve ration that says a certain (MORE)

What is static website?

static webiste is a website which contains static web pages, i.e. pages served to the end user is hard-coded or same as stored on the web server. It is different from the dyna (MORE)