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Which is correct grammar did resolve or did resolved?

I have been using Ist form with 'Did' always :) ... Seems as per corrcet grammar - Did is followed with a first form .. Examples - Did u "manage" to solve this. Did u "see (MORE)

How were the Crusades resolved?

They were not resolved .The Crusades made alot of conflict between the Muslims and Christians.Horrible events have occurred afterward because of it.
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How did congress resolve the suffolk resolves?

Congress did not really resolve anything, they built guidelines to deal with Britain boycott British imports, curtail exports, and refuse to use British products;pay "no (MORE)
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What is resolved?

The word 'resolved' is the past participle, past tense of the  verb to resolve.   The verb 'resolve' means to settle or find a solution for a  problem, dispute, or conte (MORE)
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What is resolving colitis?

Resolving Colitis is where your colon had an infection, the immune  system has killed it, but has not shut off and is still actively  attacking the colon to kill what is not (MORE)

What is a resolver?

A resolver is a type of rotary electrical transformer used for measuring degrees of rotation. It is considered an analog device, and has a digital counterpart, the rotary (or (MORE)

How do you resolved poverty?

Start with little things that can do a lot, such as prayer, and getting involved in service. God will help you with your mission, just place things in His hands and ask Him fo (MORE)

How do you resolve war?

Through peace treaties and agreements. One practical way to end war is to negotiate and sacrifice. Even if one is the victor, they must sacrifice and appease the loser to som (MORE)

How can cyberbully be resolved?

There is nothing that can be done to stop it completely. Make sure that any cyberbullying is reported to the contacts on whatever site it appears on. Ignore any bullying that (MORE)