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What are economic resources?

Economic resources are the assets (things of value) which an economy (or business) may have available to supply and produce goods and services to meet the ever-changing needs (MORE)

What does resourceful mean?

It means to be able to use resources effectively. Faced with a problem, a resourceful person will estimate what assets he or she has and find ways (sometimes very clever and i (MORE)

What are material resources?

The definition of material resources is assets that are in the form  of material possessions. They can also be the supplies that are  used to fulfill a task. Material resour (MORE)

What are artificial resources?

An artificial resource could be any resource made by people. These resources may one day be able to save life on our planet if we can generate natural resources out stuff foun (MORE)

What resources does Manchuria have?

Manchuria was an important region for strategical reasons and essential to any long term military plans that the Japanese High Command had to pursue it's goals during war . Ma (MORE)

What are synthetic resources?

Synthetic resources are resources that are made and produced by man from naturally occurring sources some examples are metals and lab created precious stones as well.
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What is resource region and resource frontier?

Resource region are resources found in a particular region. i.e  region with their own resources having the same level of resources  building them together.   They inclu (MORE)