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What are resources?

Recources are a turning or applying to a person or thing for aid or protection. Its like a secondary or a primary source. A primary souce is someone who has partaken in or (MORE)
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Can a secondary resource be a primary resource?

No a Secondary Resource is totally different from a Primary Resource so it can't be the same. Primary Resource-The person who was there on that occasion Secondary Resource-T (MORE)

Why is human resources a central resource?

An organization cannot build a good team ofworking professionals without Human Resources. It is the centralpart of any organization. The key functions of the Human Resourceste (MORE)
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What is a kind resource and a type resource?

A "kind" resource describes the classification of the resource (medic, firefighter, helicopter, section chief, etc. A "type" resource describes the features of the resource(si (MORE)

Is a natural resource a renewable resource?

it depends on what you are looking at. a mineral (ex. diamonds, salt, etc.) are nonrenewable, it would take thousands of years for them to grow back. but as such other natural (MORE)
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Are human resources natural resources?

well it doesnt depend on anything human resources are jobs ,and natural resource is anything like, trees,paper,pencil,sand,bus,T.V,ANYTHING anda human resource is like,fire fi (MORE)
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What is resource region and resource frontier?

Resource region are resources found in a particular region. i.eregion with their own resources having the same level of resourcesbuilding them together. They include: . Rive (MORE)