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What is respiration?

There are two types of 'respiration': pulmonary (visiblebreathing) and cellular (which is not visible). . In pulmonary respiration the unwanted gas expelled is mainly carbond ( Full Answer )
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What does respiration do?

Basically,respiration takes place all the time in humans and also plants.It requires oxygen and releases Co2 in the exchange of gases in our lungs.Thus,respiration aids in rel ( Full Answer )
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What does the respiration do?

Respiration is the production of energy in mitochrondia inside cells. In order to respire, cells need Glucose and Oxygen. The waste products are Water and Carbon Dioxcide. ( Full Answer )
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When is respiration?

Respiration occurs in all living cells - days and nights (any time). Animals respire (breathe) taking in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide all the time. Plants - green plants ( Full Answer )
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How do you respire?

The brain sends a signal to the muscles located around the lungs to push on the lungs to expand. The lungs draw in oxygen (or bad particles like smoke) and it oxygenates the b ( Full Answer )
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What is answer of respiration?

respiration means oxidation of food. it may be aerobic or anaerobic based on the essence of oxygen. in general we define respiration as breathing
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What you get from respiration?

we get energy from respiration Energy production is the main goal. CO2 and water are bi products
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What do we get from respiration?

Respiration allows humans and a number of other organism to exchange gases between the body and the environment. Specifically, humans, upon inhalation, gain the chemical Oxyge ( Full Answer )
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Why you respire?

People need to breathe in order to stay alive. All the cells in your body require oxygen to move, work and break down food, so without oxygen you will literally die.
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What is respiration and why do you do this?

Respiration is used to absorb oxygen which is actually used for digestion of food and generate energy and the by product generated co2 is send out