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What is responsiveness?

responsiveness can be showing that you are listening in a conversation, or it can be responding to touch, or hearing or sight.
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How do you be responsible?

Answer . People consider being responsible as taking care of your business and the consequences that go with it. This can be in regards to yourself, your job, family and fr ( Full Answer )
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What is a response?

This site might have been calle WikiResponses, since a response isan answer. Responses may also include actions you can take inreaction to a situation. "He insulted me, and my ( Full Answer )
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What were your responsibility?

There are an unlimited number of things that are yourresponsibility. It is your responsibility to show up to things ontime and to pay your bills for example.
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Is it Responsibility lies or responsibility lays?

Responsibility lies (with Mary, for example).. The word "lay" is used to indicate responsibility as well : "He wants to lay the blame on me."
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What are responsability?

Responsibility is being assigned with a certain objective. No onecan handle the situation but you because it is your responsibility.
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Is media responsible for social responsibility?

Yes, it is! Media should be aware of their responsibilities as they play significant role in society specially on informing and educating the people with the current and press ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have to be responsible?

We have to be responsible because it's an important step in our lives. Being responsible is important because you will stay organized and not lose things. Also you will learn ( Full Answer )
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Is it emails response or is it email's response?

The form emails is the plural; the form email's is the singular possessive. Examples: plural: We have some emails in response to our inquiry. plural possessive: We should ( Full Answer )
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How to be responsible?

To be responsible, you have to do what is expected or required, and things that you are trusted to do and things you say you will do. For example, if you are in school, you ( Full Answer )