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What was a jesters responsibilities?

Jester's had to entertain the lord, hes family and guests after dinner in the Great Hall. They made jokes about the people laughing at him and about what is going on in the wo (MORE)
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What is a stenographer responsibility?

Sir, stenographer is supposed to be next to the boss who is handling the business or administration. Following are the main responsibilities of stenographer:- 1. Take dictat (MORE)
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What is the tertiary response?

Tertiary response often/usually refers to the act of dealing with a problem, and correcting its effects, after it has already happened. This differs from primary response, whi (MORE)
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Why do you have to be responsible?

We have to be responsible because it's an important step in our lives. Being responsible is important because you will stay organized and not lose things. Also you will learn (MORE)
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What are responsibilities of an Anthropologist?

Anthropologists work in many parts of the world in close personal association with the peoples and situations they study. Their professional situation is, therefore, uniquely (MORE)
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What is the responsibility in UFC?

The only official job duty of a professional fighter in the  Ultimate Fighting Championship is to show up and fight when  scheduled. 
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