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How do you restart a lap top computer?

Restarting a laptop computer is just like restarting a desktop computer. If you are on a windows computer you go to the start button in the lower left hand connor of your scre (MORE)

How do you restart Gran turismo 5?

on the xmb move up (instead of down to start the game) and access your gt5 save press triangle and delete it. restart gt5 and its a new game from the beginning. thought you ha (MORE)
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How do you restart super Pokemon Rumble?

Hold down A+B+X+Y all at the same time when starting up the game. Option will be there asking if you want to delete the Save data. Answer Yes , this will reset and restart the (MORE)

How do computers restart?

When you press on the power button (or shut down through an OS) it begins by saving all used data and dumping all RAM (Random Access Memory). This, in turn shuts down the OS a (MORE)

How do you restart in super Scribblenauts with no money?

before playground mode you'll see him fly on something after second time there will be a eraser in the bottom right corner if you hit it before it disappears to come to a menu (MORE)

How do you restart your tamagotchi?

    Look on the back of your Tamagotchi toy. There should be a small hole in the back. Stick a pen into it and your Tamagotchi will BEEP! then a egg will appear on the (MORE)

How do you restart Mystery Train Island?

You click on the map (it is in the right hand side corner at the top), and at the bottom left hand side there is a blue circle that says Restart Island. Click on it and you wi (MORE)