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How do you restart your Pokemon DS game?

At the title screen, pressing Up on the D-Pad, Select, and B will enter you into a screen where you will be asked if you are sure you want to reset. Note that the text speed i (MORE)
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How do you restart your Pokemon Black game?

all you have to do is hold up select and b at the same time on the screen where reshiram or zekrom are at the start
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How do computers restart?

When you press on the power button (or shut down through an OS) it begins by saving all used data and dumping all RAM (Random Access Memory). This, in turn shuts down the OS a (MORE)

How do you restart Style Boutique?

on the main menu there are an options choice. tap it with the stylus and you should get two choices, check saved game and delete saved game. tap on delete saved game and it wi (MORE)

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How do you restart your Pokemon SoulSilver Game?

press up, select, then press the B button (like how you delete other pkmn games)While on the title screen, press and hold B + Select + Up together. The game will ask you if yo (MORE)

How do you restart Pokemon Ranger?

You must first clear the previously saved data in Pokemon Ranger. To do this, hold Start + Select + L + R when you are on the opening menu. This, unfortunately, does not get (MORE)
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How do you restart Pokemon HeartGold?

by restart? new game on the main menu? or if you mean soft reset, L+R+Start+Select. I try to reset using the buttons, L+R+Start+Select, all that happens is I have to rebeg (MORE)