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How do you restart my iPod?

It depends on what model you have. The more recent models for the Nano, Touch, and Classic is to lock the iPod and then unlock using that lock tab. Then press and hold the Men (MORE)
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How do you restart a pokewalker?

To restart your pokewalker, you have to be on the screen that wants you to pick a pokemon. then you press ''L R and X.Ps. yall owe me for that.

How do you restart your router?

On the back of your router, there is probably a power button or switch, which you should turn off for approximately 30 seconds, and then back on. If you're experiencing proble (MORE)

How did my phone restart without me restarting it?

As with most phones (however this case usually is more in line withthe Android platform) is if a application (system or otherwise)causes a system-wide crash which forces a reb (MORE)