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What is does restrained mean?

Kept within sensible limits Not showy or obtrusive Tending to keep one's thoughts and emotions to oneself
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What is a restraining notice?

A restraining notice is an order of protection. If you have arestraining order against someone then they can't be within acertain feet of your.
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How-to get out of a restraining order?

You must file a motion to appear in front of the judge that issued it, and plead to have it removed.
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How do you answer a restraining notice?

You must show up on the date of the hearing stated on the notice and defend yourself against the charges. If you don't show up the restraining order will be granted.
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What is restraining order?

A typical restraining order is a Court order that prohibits contactbetween one individual and another. It is usually brought about bya vicitm of domestic abuse and the order p ( Full Answer )
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How do you restrain an Alpaca?

It depends on the purpose of the restraint - and how many people you have. If you simply want to hold the alpaca in place, or restrain it while someone else does something ( Full Answer )
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What can you get a restraining order for?

A restraining order is a type of court order which is offered in helping to keep the abuser away from the victims so that the harassing stops and the abuser steers clear from ( Full Answer )
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How do you restrain cattle?

The best way to restrain cattle is by using a head-gate or head-catch. A squeeze chute has a head-catch on it, but it also has side panels that squeeze the animal's sides so t ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Restrainer in The Bible?

GOD the father. Generically speaking it is "God" However the Bible is far more specific in pointing to the Arch Angel Michael and the Church ie the body of Christ residin ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for restrained?

reserved, moderate, continent, restrictive muffled, smoldering, thumping, pent-up moderate, mild, restrained For more information, go on Google Translate Thos ( Full Answer )