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What is Constructive restraint?

Constructive restraint is an inference of restraint drawn from ("constructed") the circumstances, as would be interpreted by a reasonable person. For example, if you're on a (MORE)

What is a post restraint?

Prior and post restraints . A prior restraint is a form of coercion used before an event or action to prevent it from happening. A post restraint is a form of punishment af (MORE)

What is judicial restraint?

Judicial restraint is the philosophy that judges and justices should defer to written legislation whenever possible, if it is not in conflict with the Constitution. A justice (MORE)

Restraint of marriage?

Any contract which restrains someone from marrying for one's whole life or even for a specified period of time is a restraint of marriage contract. In some countries, it is co (MORE)

What are restraints?

Restraints are anything used to bound of hold someone or something. examples of restraints would be handcuffs, zip ties, tape.

What is 'restraint' in Italian?

Ritegno is an Italian equivalent of 'restraint'. The word in Italian is pronounced 'ree-TEH-nyah'. It's a masculine gender noun whose definite article is 'il' ['the'], and wh (MORE)

What is felonious restraint?

There is no such legal term. It sounds more like phraseology describing an action in which an individual attempted to restrain or stop something, but who used felonious method (MORE)

What is a passive restraint?

Passive restraint refers to restraint devices that dont require any action on your part. Hence, Airbags. This is the only type of passive restraint I know about, but there may (MORE)
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What is self-restraint?

It is otherwise known as self control, restraint imposed by oneself on one's own feelings and desires

How are restraints used?

In everyday life, we use seatbelts in vehicles and restraint barson roller coasters to keep us safe. Restraints are also used by police officers and federal agents torestrain (MORE)