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What is a civil restraint?

More commonly referred to as a "restraining order" or a "no-cointact order." It is an order issued by the civil court at the request of the petitioner, if they can show suffic (MORE)

What are restraints?

Restraints are anything used to bound of hold someone or something. examples of restraints would be handcuffs, zip ties, tape.
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What is fiscal restraint?

  For the record, it isn't a show of "fiscal restraint" to cut funding for poor kids, especially when that funding goes toward one of the few programs that devotes itsel (MORE)

What is felonious restraint?

There is no such legal term. It sounds more like phraseology describing an action in which an individual attempted to restrain or stop something, but who used felonious method (MORE)

What is a sleep restraint?

A sleep restraint is a set of straps, probably velcro, designed to keep austronauts from floating away from their beds. Strengthened versions may also be used for people who h (MORE)
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What is Judicail Restraints?

Judicial restraint is a judicial interpretation that says that judges should hesitate to strike down a law unless it is obviously unconstitutional. This encourages judges to (MORE)