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What is capital restructuring?

  Answer   Capital is generally the assets, often monetary, that are available to generate more assets. Thus the liquidity of capital should be high. Restructuring t (MORE)

What are the risks of restructuring?

Restructuring whether business or an entire market system has grave risk devaluing and degrading entire holdings towards long-term survival. Yet, necessary and must be exercis (MORE)

What is social restructuring?

Harnessing the power of future technology for individuals to join  together and provide an array of products and services by  reinventing education, government, scientific r (MORE)

What is global restructuring?

  Global restructuring leading to the integration of developing countries into the global economy can lead to increased inequality and poverty in these countries.   Wes (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of restructuring of the organization?

Organizational restructuring efforts have a weak negative effect on job performance. They have a more significant negative effect on organizational commitment, because employe (MORE)