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Is there any way to get out of a contract with Martial Arts School that restructured split with sister school changed name and you didn't re-sign contract in New School's Name?

  Only if the terms of your contract materially changed. This would mean the cost, location, teachers or something really changed about the service you were receiving.
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Are there Complaints against mortgage restructuring solutions inc?

I have a major complaint in with the BBB as well as the Attorney General - They promise 100% money back guarantee, then have you sign a contract with a lawyer, that they insis (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of restructuring of the organization?

Organizational restructuring efforts have a weak negative effect on job performance. They have a more significant negative effect on organizational commitment, because employe (MORE)

What is the definition of organization restructuring?

  Organization restructuring happens when the reporting hierarchy of a company changes.   After organization restructuring certain groups will report to different depar (MORE)

What is global restructuring?

  Global restructuring leading to the integration of developing countries into the global economy can lead to increased inequality and poverty in these countries.   Wes (MORE)

What is capital restructuring?

  Answer   Capital is generally the assets, often monetary, that are available to generate more assets. Thus the liquidity of capital should be high. Restructuring t (MORE)

Compare and contrast between restructuring and re-engineering?

Re-engineering: rethinking or changing or redesigning the processes of doing things in a business. Restructuring: takes place when new positions are created to support change (MORE)