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What factors have led to the resurgence of Islamic Fundamentalism?

Answer 1 First let understand the meaning of Islamic fundamentalism. This term is introduced by the west as indication of terrorism in Islam. This term is propagated as such (MORE)

Why is a resurgent stream only formed in a limestone area?

A resurgent stream is formed when an underground river is forced to reappear when it reaches a layer of impermeable bedrock. For a river to become an underground river in the (MORE)
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How are resurgent streams formed?

A resurgent stream occurs where the underground river is forced to reappear on the surface when there is a change of rock type from permeable limestone to impermeable bedrock. (MORE)
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What would cause a resurgence of planned economies?

Planned economies rely on centralized government to control all or most factors of production and to make all or most production and allocation decisions. A market economy is (MORE)
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What is a resurgent stream?

Resurgent Stream arise when the limestone is underlain by an impermeable rock, such as clay. this forces the water out into the open, forming a spring or resurgent stream.

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What is resurgence in geography?

Where a spring of a river appears above ground after the river having been flowing flowing underground. Above the spring in Limestone and below is impermeable rock.

Why have door-to-door sales had a recent resurgence in our high-tech society?

Door-to-door sales have had a recent resurgence due to several  factors. One is that because of the "Do Not Call Registry" that  blocks many telemarketers from calling milli (MORE)