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What is pest resurgence?

I'm not entirely sure, but I would have to assume by the meaning of both words that it is a resurgence, or revival of, insect life in your area. Hope this is helpful.

What is 'resurgence' in Latin?

Resurgere is the Latin equivalent of 'resurgence'. The English noun means 'a rising again, a reappearance'. The Latin verb is pronounced 'reh-SOOR-gheh-reh' in the classical (MORE)

What is resurgence in geography?

Where a spring of a river appears above ground after the river having been flowing flowing underground. Above the spring in Limestone and below is impermeable rock.
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What brought the resurgence of slavery in the south?

The invention of Eli Whitney's modern cotton engine. Before his cotton gin, cotton was much more slowly produced because it was separated by hand. His cotton gin made producti (MORE)
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What does murad resurgence do?

"Murad Resurgence uses a series of lotions to treat hormonally aging skin. It reduces facial lines and wrinkles, tightens loose skin and moisturizes for total skin health."
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What is a resurgent stream?

Resurgent Stream arise when the limestone is underlain by an impermeable rock, such as clay. this forces the water out into the open, forming a spring or resurgent stream.
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What type of products are Murad Resurgence?

Murad Resurgence products are mostly against anti-ageing, or help against ageing, and use the best of products available for the creation of their products.