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What is the Resurrection?

The resurrection was where Jesus Christ rose again after He was  crucified. He left to prepare a place for us in Heaven. This is a  very significant event!
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Why was Jesus resurrected?

To prove his power over death to this world and to show that his followers will have victory over death also.   The Bible teaches that Jesus died as a sacrificial substitut (MORE)

Why do you get resurrected?

This is one of... if not THE... most misunderstood concepts in the  Bible: coming to life again after one dies. But the Bible does  teach it.    The FIRST RESURRECTIO (MORE)

The resurrection is when?

Answer 1  It is on the Judgment Day; per the three God religions: Judaism,  Christianity, and Islam.    Answer 2  I"m editing this...because there is no separate ans (MORE)

What was The Resurrection?

That was when Jesus of Nazareth came back to life a few days afterbeing executed by the Roman government.
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When is resurrection?

To be resurrected means that at some stage the body and spirit will once again be reunited. The body will once again be as it was when it was at its most perfect condition whi (MORE)
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How do you get resurrected?

join a cult ....would not be my answer. Christian belief is that at Christ's return the dead in Christ are resurrected to eternal life, and unbelievers are resurrected to (MORE)

Why Lazarus resurrected?

He was saved because he is a humble person and the kingdom of heaven belong to this one.  
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