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Do retarded people know they are retarded?

There are mentally challenged people who are well aware of the fact that they are different, they also know that they can do things maybe not as well as other people, but they (MORE)
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Are you retarded if your friends call you retarded?

* NO, you are not. * Your 'friends' are not worthy of your friendship. * No you are not retarded in any way. Those people who you call your friends are not friends. I reco (MORE)
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Is there a cure for retardation?

Nope. Because it is a disability and not an illness, there is no cure. However i would be glad to know if scientists are working on new ways to cure it...but up to date, the o (MORE)
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What is a retardent?

Something that slows the progress of something else. An impediment would be a better word to use.
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Who are the retarders for concrete?

Retarders are classified as type B or type D chemical admixtures for portland cement concrete in ASTM Designation C494. Their primary function is, as the name implies, to reta (MORE)
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Why is your friend retarded?

Most with mental disabilities are born that way. As for the cause, you will have to ask them, there are many.
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Are Muslims retarded?

Some westerners attribute the retardation of Muslim countries in physical civilization in inventions, manufactures, agricultures and others to Islam, and this is a false accus (MORE)
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Why are the KKK retards?

Because they fear change and cling to a long dying ignorant ideology. It's sad really
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How do retarded people get retarded?

Different ways. Doctors are able to assign a specific cause in only about 25% of the cases. In general, something happened to the baby before the baby was born. It may have be (MORE)