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What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a commonly used manufacturing process for the fabrication of plastic parts. the injection molding process need injection mold and injection machine. --- (MORE)

What is an r title for a motorcycle in Pa?

    An "R" title is a "Rebuilt" title. If a motorcycle was wrecked and declared a loss by the insurance company and then subsequently rebuilt, it gets an R-title.  (MORE)

What does PA stand for in DDS PA?

DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery PA Professional Association MS Master of Science DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine (no different than DDS, just depends on the school they graduated f (MORE)

What does the PA stand for in DDS PA?

The PA stands for Professional Association. Think of the person as a business at this point. If something happens, you can sue the business, but not technically the person. DD (MORE)
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Can you inject molly?

yes you can you just need to dissolve it and water and not cook it. let it sit for a while in the spoon and stir it a lot.
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What is intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection?

Intramuscular broken down is intra- (which means into or inside) and muscular (which is the muscle) so it is a shot or injection into the muscle while subcutaneous (the cutane (MORE)
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Can you inject Adderall?

Injecting pills or anything meant to be swallowed (taken orally) is  a bad idea. There are insoluble material (like talc) that is used  to bind a pill together. Injecting th (MORE)

How do you get injections?

In order to get a plastic product, we need a mould and a injection  machine, you need to put the plastic material into the loader of  the injection machine, then the materia (MORE)