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What happens when heat-killed S-strain pneumococcus were injected into a mouse along with live R-strain pneumococcus?

  A very important characteristic about bacteria actually created live S-strain to exist in the dead injected mouse. Bacteria is competent, in biological terms, meaning th (MORE)

What is an r title for a motorcycle in Pa?

    An "R" title is a "Rebuilt" title. If a motorcycle was wrecked and declared a loss by the insurance company and then subsequently rebuilt, it gets an R-title.  (MORE)
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Why do you have injections?

To stop you from getting very serious and sometimes fatal diseases. When you have an injection part of the disease ( which is dead ) will get injected into you by a needle. Yo (MORE)
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What is intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection?

Intramuscular broken down is intra- (which means into or inside) and muscular (which is the muscle) so it is a shot or injection into the muscle while subcutaneous (the cutane (MORE)
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Can you inject Adderall?

Injecting pills or anything meant to be swallowed (taken orally) is  a bad idea. There are insoluble material (like talc) that is used  to bind a pill together. Injecting th (MORE)

How do you get injections?

In order to get a plastic product, we need a mould and a injection  machine, you need to put the plastic material into the loader of  the injection machine, then the materia (MORE)
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Why does it hurt when you have injections?

Injections hurt because it is going into your skin where your muscle is and also the muscle has a slight reaction so when any little thing touches it hurts
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When did the first Toys R US Open Pittsburgh Pa?

The company started in 1948 as a baby furniture store in Washington DC and by 1978 it had become a public company. The company site does not give dates to specific stores so t (MORE)