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When does the immune system become active?

The immune system is never completely inactive. There are always white blood cells patrolling the body for the first signs of an invader.  But in the case of an infection, he (MORE)
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What is the reticular layer?

Is the deepest skin layer. It contains blood vessels, sweat and oil glands, and deep pressure receptors called Pacinian corpuscels.
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What does physical activity do to the cardiovascular system?

Physical activity increases heart strength in the cardiovascular  system. During exercise, the cardiovascular system has to:   1) Deliver oxygen to working muscles   (MORE)

Which activities are controlled by system software?

By the system software all activities of a computer's hardware are handled. for example - A printer can never works while its software not be installed in computer. The major (MORE)
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What is the primary function of the reticular activating system?

The primary role of the reticular activating system is to control the wake-sleep cycle. In other words, it controls when we wake up and the transition between sleeping and wak (MORE)

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How does physical activity affect cardiovascular system?

In otherwise healthy individuals, physical activity tends to  strengthen the cardiovascular system and causes the vital signs  associated with it to decrease. For example, p (MORE)

What is an information system What activities does it perform?

  The textbook defines an information system as a set of interrelated components   that work together to collect, process, store, and disseminate information to   su (MORE)

What does the reticular layer of the dermis do?

The lower, reticular layer, is thicker and made of thick collagen fibers that are arranged in parallel to the surface of the skin. The reticular layer is denser than the papil (MORE)

What are symptoms of reticular formation?

Chronic pain as a reticular formation syndrome.   Andy OJ.   Abstract   Evidence was previously presented to support the thesis that chronic pain is activated by neu (MORE)