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Why do you use glass retort in laboratory preparation of Nitric acid?

Because hot nitric acid attacks the rubber or cork stoppers used to connect a distillation flask to a condenser. This results in contaminated acid and leaks fumes. Retorts are (MORE)

What is a retort and how is it used?

retort   is used as a verb........a transitive verb like respond sharply   - to say something sharp, angry, witty   and a noun like sharp answer   - something shar (MORE)
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What is the function of retort stand?

A retort stand is also referred to as a ring stand. It is a piece  of equipment that is used in science and clamps can be attached to  hold test tubes and other equipment in (MORE)
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What is a retort stand?

  Use : It is used for holding or supporting apparatus during experiments used for holding objects in position
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What is the difference between the drudge report and drudge retort?

I looked this up on whois domain search. is NOT owned by Matt drudge. is owned by Matt drudge is called "retort" not "report" so (MORE)