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What is a retort stand?

Use : It is used for holding or supporting apparatus during experiments used for holding objects in position
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What is a retort and how is it used?

retort. is used as a verb........a transitive verb like respond sharply. - to say something sharp, angry, witty. and a noun like sharp answer. - something sharp or insulti (MORE)
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Retorted in a sentence?

" I really do not care what you think" she retorted,with a toss of her head she walked out the door.

Who invented the retort stand?

A retort stand has a base made of cast iron and its rod is made ofsteel. Its dimensions are 6 inches x 4 inches for base, and 18inches length for its rod. It was invented by J (MORE)
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What is purpose of a retort stand?

To support a retort, of course. (A retort is a specialized, and largely obsolete, piece of chemistry apparatus. Most chemists use the more generic term "ring stand" ... eve (MORE)