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What is a retrograde motion?

Rotation that is opposite to the common rotation of most objects in  the solar system.   Most of the planets rotate counter-clockwise, while Venus and  Uranus rotate in (MORE)

What is a retrograde orbit?

Retrograde orbit is when an an object, like a satellite, goes around another object, like a planet, in the direction opposite the second object's rotation. For example, Neptu (MORE)

What is retrograde rotation?

Retrograde motion is where a body is moving in the direction opposite to the movement of something else. Not to be confused with apparent retrograde motion. [See related link] (MORE)
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Is the mercury retrograde a proven fact?

No. It is proven not to exist. Retrograde refers to something that is opposite the usual order, inverted or reversed as well as a movement that goes backward. 3 - 4 times a ye (MORE)

What is retrograde massage?

Retrograde Massage is a useful tool to reduce swelling due to lymph  edema. Retrograde means: having or being a motion in a direction  contrary to that of the general motion (MORE)

What is retrograde spin?

In astronomy retrograde is essentially a fancy astronomical  way of saying backward/ opposite rotational spin. A body is said to  have retrograde motion when it rotates in a (MORE)

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When does Jupiter retrograde?

A retrograde motion of an OUTER planet happens when Earths orbit  catches up with and overtakes the planet as Earth orbits the Sun.  For Jupiter it is observed to be in retr (MORE)