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What are the Avenues of Revelation?

1.)Natural Signs- God reveals himself in creating us and everything we, hear and touch-nature-from beginning till now. 2.)Biblical Signs- God reveals himself in His words an (MORE)

When is the revelation coming?

According to scripture, only God and Jesus know when it will occur. Men have looked through the Bible for centuries looking for a hint or an answer, and every answer they have (MORE)

Who works in a courthouse?

Lots of people work at the court house, for example: Judges, court reporters, court stenographers, bailiffs, security guards, janitors, volunteers, typists, transcribers, ca (MORE)
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Who is Gary Revel?

Owner: Jongleur Music, Jongleur Music Pictures, Jongleur Music BookPublishing Partner: Riant Records *Born in Florala, Alabama June 29, 1949 *Graduated high school in Bonifa (MORE)

What is progressive revelation?

In Christianity, progressive revelation is the idea that the  sections of the Bible that were written earlier do not contain the  full revelation of God. The concept is the (MORE)

Sources of revelation?

Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition Additional Answer: The one and only source of the information in the Book of Revelation can be read by all in the opening verses as follo (MORE)

What were Mohammed's revelations?

The Prophet's revelation was the "Quran" in a series of "Surahs" over twenty three years. These are directly from God, and are currently the only unaltered revelations prese (MORE)

What are the revelations of God?

The revelations of God are many and varied. The Bible itself is God's revealing of Himself to man. It reveals man's purpose; who he is, why he is, and where he is headed. It r (MORE)